First and foremost, I want to thank you for the time you spent with me yesterday. I found the visit to be truly informative and significantly more useful to me than has often been the case elsewhere. As I told you, due to my residence circumstances (2 states and two different localities in my home state of Maine), I have had the “opportunity” to deal with several audiologists in the two states as well as three ENT’s, all in Florida. Each has had their strong suit, but none seem to have had the breadth of understanding of my particular issues that you exhibited. For that, I am most impressed and grateful. I also appreciate your loan of the aid to replace my deceased one temporarily. With my grandchildren here, it’s been really helpful already.

Thanks again!


Dear Leanne,

How can I ever thank you enough for being my special friend & Hearing Champion. So, I’ll thank you both from the bottom of my heart! I have a new lease on my hearing life.

Ormond Beach, FL

Brava, Leeanne!Noticeably improved hearing! You

Brava, Leeanne!
Noticeably improved hearing! You matched the correct appliances to my hearing needs.
Thank you.

Gordon S Russell
Port Orange

I was aware for years

I was aware for years I needed hearing help but every time I had a hearing test I was told they couldn’t help me. Leanne gave me the most complete hearing test I ever had she said she could help BOY was she right I was treated as though they appreciate my business and my hearing is amazing can’t thank her enough

Jerry Macklefresh
Daytona Beach

I can’t express how much

I can’t express how much I like these folks.
Leanne is by far the most caring health care person I have ever met. She will work with you until you are happy and the hearing aids are just right !
It really has made a true difference in my life, and I can’t thank the entire staff at Encore!
If you are thinking about making your life better with better hearing DO IT TODAY ! Better yet do it with the help of Leanne ! You will not be sorry.

Keith Bednar
Edgewater, fl

WOW….hearing again! My wife has

WOW….hearing again! My wife has stopped mumbling and TV is not broken! After several years of not hearing as well as possible decided to find out problem…”after some tests LeAnne diagnosed problem and I have a new “buddy” that not only controls TV noise, but also clears the “chatter”. With the aid that LeAnne recommended I can ALSO hear U Tube from my IPad……this is very helpful for my wife’s sanity!
“Thanks for saving my marriage”

John Davis
Port Orange, Fl

WOW…THANKS LeAnneI can hear TV

I can hear TV like it shud be!
5 STARS for all

John Davis
Port Orange, FL

I have been wearing hearing

I have been wearing hearing aids for 30+ years, and when you find a great professional it makes life so much easier, Leanne did such a great job, and is extremely professional. I highly recommend her ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

John J Boyle
Port Orange

Finally finding a professional with

Finally finding a professional with Leanne’s long term and thorough understanding of how to best implement state of the art hearing aid technology has been a joy!

Excellent sound was always my priority during a long career designing and building speaker systems, recording and providing sound for thousands of performers. I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with artists of all genres, from REM to Wynton Marsalis, Johnny Cash to Prince.

Exposure to high sound levels from power tools, too many shows, and too many years took it’s toll, as a professional sound engineer, was sadly aware that details in music and conversation had slowly been drifting “downstream”.

After Leanne fitted the new hearing aids, found music recordings regained life and vitality they had 20, 30, and even 40 years ago!
Conversations that would have seemed too quiet, fast, or muffled, especially with face mask use, are accessible again.
The experience has been like turning back the hands of time on what had almost seemed a closed chapter of my life.

Thanks, Leanne, keep up the good work!

Art Welter
Ormond Beach, Fl

Art Welter
Ormond Beach, Fl

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