Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey's story begins with Harold Starkey opening its first store in Minnesota in 1963. Since its foundation, the company has evolved into a global enterprise with over 500 employees and 100 worldwide markets. Starkey has a history of providing hearing aids to American presidents such as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Another cornerstone of Starkey's identity is a commitment to philanthropy that supports people worldwide who live with hearing loss. The Starkey Hearing Foundation had provided more than 1 million hearing aids to people in need worldwide since its inception in 1984.

Since its beginning, Starkey has pioneered innovative audio technology, including several world firsts:

  • In-the-ear hearing aid in 1971
  • Completely-in-canal hearing aid in 1992
  • Invisible-in-canal hearing aid in 2010
  • Healthable hearing aid in 2019
Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Genesis AI

Genesis AI is a remarkable technological advancement that emulates the functioning of the cerebral cortex in the human brain, allowing it to efficiently and precisely "fill in" the gaps that occur when our natural hearing system encounters challenges. This cutting-edge AI system possesses remarkable intelligence, capable of thinking in a manner similar to us, and its rapid adaptability outpaces our own responses. With an astounding ability to execute over 80 million adjustments every hour, Genesis AI seamlessly enhances the listening experience for wearers.

Genesis AI enables wearers to discern words and speech with greater intuition and naturalness, fostering clearer communication. Moreover, it facilitates the audibility of soft sounds by effectively mitigating distracting background noise, ensuring that users can focus on the sounds they want to hear. Additionally, Genesis AI significantly reduces the effort required to listen and comprehend sounds, making the hearing process more effortless and enjoyable for individuals utilizing this innovative technology.

Hearing Technology from Starkey

Starkey is proud of its rich 50-year history as a pioneering hearing aid producer. The company is continuously developing its product line to produce the discerning, convenient, and high-quality hearing aids.

Some of the notable technologies for Starkey include:
  • The Thrive platform

    This is the only multi-core twin-compressor and dual-radio system in the industry, and drives the Livio AI and Livio hearing aid models. It has been developed to handle the most sophisticated sound environments.

  • Artificial intelligence

    This technology enables the Thrive platform to simultaneously analyze and adapt to multiple environments and inputs to provide patients with a pure listening experience. The system is capable of environmental detection for seven different sound settings, including speech, speech in noise, music, machine noise, wind, noise, and quiet.

  • Transient Noise Reduction

    Transient noise reduction can handle even the noisiest conditions. Livio AI's hearing aids have recently received the highest rating compared to premium devices from other manufacturers to reduce background noise in noisy listening environments.

  • Spatial Speech Enhancement

    This technology samples the environment up to 167 times per second. It analyzes the level, the situation, and the presence of speech regularly, optimizing amplification to provide the best audibility.

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