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Phonak is a hearing aid manufacturer who envisions “a world where everyone enjoys the delight of hearing and lives a life without limitations”

Marvel by Phonak

The Marvel platform means that the latest hearing device from Phonak, the Audeo Marvel, will give you a rich sound experience without limitations. Not only are the Audeo Marvel’s individual features something to get excited about, but the combination of these features into one cohesive system will bring you the best listening experience.

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Phonak hearing aids

ReSound hearing aids logo
The core value of ReSound is to create innovative hearing solutions that allow users to “hear more, do more, and be more than you ever thought possible”. The company was founded in 1943 and recently joined an internationally leading group in audio intelligence, the GN Group.


The LiNX 3D series of hearing devices is the newest addition to the ReSound hearing aids family. LiNX 3D hearing aids are revolutionary because they use Binaural Directionality III technology, which allows users to hear a 360-degree soundscape. Rather than decreasing noises coming from the side or back of a user – the Binaural Directionality technology allows hearing aids to communicate with each other and provide a more natural listening environment. These hearing aids were independently studied and found to be up to 50% better at identifying speech in noisy environments than other premium hearing devices.

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Oticon hearing aids were borne out of a man’s love and devotion to helping his treasured wife – a woman who suffered from hearing loss. Founded over a century ago, Oticon has since developed into the second-largest hearing aid manufacture in the world.


Pronounced “open” the Opn by Oticon is the company’s newest and most innovative hearing aid. This award-winning hearing aid packs a truly mighty punch. The power-packed Opn boasts BrainHearing™ technology – that has been scientifically proven to reduce listening effort in noisy environments – and lightning-fast 360 degree sound scanning. At a speed of 50 times that of its predecessor, the Opn instantaneously scans a user’s complete environment to identify speech and decrease distracting background noise.

Oticon hearing aids

Signia logo
Signia is touted as the “forward thinking” manufacturer under their parent company, The Sivantos Group. On top of Signia hearing aids, The Sivantos Group also owns Siemens and Rexton hearing aid technologies. Currently, one of the manufacturers operating under the Sivantos Group fits one out of every four hearing aids worldwide.

Silk Nx

Signia’s Silk hearing aid series is considered to be the most natural sounding ready-to-wear, almost completely invisible hearing aid. The Silk is worn inside of the ear canal and due to its extremely tiny size – it is almost completely invisible. Unlike other completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids, Silk wearers do not need to wait for custom molds to be built. Signia uses an innovative “click, fit, and go” system, which allows wearers to choose between three different silicone sleeve sizes to find a match for their ear canal.

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Silk Nx

Starkey logo

Starkey Hearing Technologies is the only truly American-run and operated hearing aid manufacturer. The company operates under the philosophy that “alone we can’t do much. Together, we can change the world”. Starkey also boasts a strong commitment to charity through the Starkey Hearing Foundation

Halo2 & Halo iQ

When they were originally introduced, the Halo™ was the first fully “Made-for-iPhone” hearing aids. The Halo family will connect directly to your iPhone or other Apple products to seamlessly stream whatever you want to hear, directly into your hearing aids. The Halo aids are also capable of using your map on your iPhone to determine where you are, and automatically adjust your hearing aid settings to match your environment.

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Halo iQ Made-for-iPhone

Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer who aims to create hearing aids that are not only first-in-class and packed with features, but are also true pieces of art that can become part of their wearer’s identity.

Moxi All

The Moxi All is the newest member of Unitron’s Moxi family. The Moxi All aims to give its users it “all”, including streaming from any phone (including Androids and even simple cell phones), TV connectivity and rechargeable batteries. The Moxi combines multiple technologies to provide listeners a natural soundscape.
Unitron Moxi All

Widex is proud to be a completely family owned and operated hearing aid manufacturer. They operate under a vision to “give people unlimited access to a world of sound by providing perfect hearing”.


The EVOKE by Widex is about as revolutionary as they get. This hearing aid comes power-packed with advanced technological features, however, what makes it truly unique is its ability to actually “learn” and become smarter. EVOKE aids learn in two ways. The first way is through the app, where users can actually “teach” the aids their preferences. The second way is using aggregate data from all of its users to create a better experience for everyone.

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Siemens logo
Siemens operates under The Sivantos Group, and is now completely intertwined with Signia. Siemens no longer manufactures new hearing aids, instead, it does so under the Signia name
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