Hearing Aids

When you type “hearing aids” into a search engine, the myriad of results and information may overwhelm you. While it is fantastic that there are so many hearing aid manufactures, styles, and features to meet individual needs – it can easily become exhausting. When you work with us, you will be teaming up with passionate hearing healthcare professionals that strive to form a relationship with you, because we believe that is the best road towards finding you the perfect hearing solution. While we will walk you through the entire process, a broad understanding of some hearing aid basics can help you to better understand your options.

Hearing Aid Line Up

Style of Hearing Aids

Typically identified by a three-letter acronym, hearing aid styles usually reference how it fits onto or into your ear. For most manufacturers of hearing aids, one hearing aid “series” will offer the same or similar features across multiple styles within the series.

Features of Hearing Aids

There are multiple hearing aid features that can meet individual needs, however, not every person needs every feature. Knowing which features interest you can help us narrow down our options.

Tinnitus Relief

If you suffer from tinnitus, it may be smart to choose a hearing aid that has targeted support features for those with tinnitus.

Smartphone Connectivity

The Muse by Starkey was the first truly Made-For-iPhone hearing aid, although there have been many others that have since entered the market. If you are interested in streaming music or phone conversations directly to your hearing device, you’ll want a hearing aid with smartphone connectivity features.


If you lead an active lifestyle, you may be worried about your device coming into contact with water, sweat, dust, or debris. If you enjoy the great outdoors or sweating it out in yoga, we will seek a hearing aid with a higher IP for you. IP stands for International Protection Rating and measures a hearing aid’s ability to withstand damage from dust or water. An IP number is two numbers with the first number representing the devices ability to withstand debris and the second number representing the device’s ability to withstand water damage. The higher the numbers, the better the device will be at withstanding these elements.

These are just three examples of the thousands of features available. If you are interested in learning more about hearing aid styles or features that may be right for you, our team at Encore Hearing looks forward to speaking with you.
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