Support an Active Lifestyle with Hearing Aids

Support an Active Lifestyle with Hearing Aids

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Hearing loss, all too often, is conflated with old age. However, you don’t have to be old to have hearing loss. In fact, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), 14 percent of Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 have some degree of hearing loss. The important thing to remember is that age is …

Noise Pollution

The Impact of Noise Pollution on Your Health

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The sounds around us make up our environment. While the wind in the trees and water rolling over stones in the creek may bring us peace, sounds can get loud enough to impact our health. Once it gets to a dangerous level it’s more than just noise—it’s noise pollution! Understanding Noise Pollution Our world keeps getting louder and louder, in …

Loud Noise at Work

Exposure to Loud Noise During a Work Shift Can Harm Your Hearing

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Did you know that the workplace is a common source of loud noise exposure? One time or consistent exposure to excessive noise can permanently damage the auditory system which is the sensory system for hearing. Work environments are a common way people are exposed to hazardous levels of noise. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate …

Hearing Loss among Millennials & Gen Z

Hearing Loss among Millennials & Gen Z

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Move over boomers and Generation X. Millennials and Gen Z are the future and this may give us some idea as to what to expect. While these future generations inherit the actions of the previous ones, they fortunately have the emotional strength to forge a better future. Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 is considered a millennial while Gen z …

ENT doctor examining inner ear canal

Airplane Ear: When a sudden descent is too much for the eardrum

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It’s estimated that 500,000 people are flying in an airplane at any given time. Not only is it a modern marvel that we can board a large metal vehicle and fly at great speeds at high altitudes but it’s mind blowing to arrive back on the ground with switched time zones, climate zones and even seasons in a matter of …

Female holding ear

Myths about Hearing Aids

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Do you have hearing loss? You may not even know it. Hearing loss often develops so gradually over years, making it a challenge to self-diagnose, until it’s become severe enough to struggle to hear even in the most ideal of listening environments. While there is no cure for hearing loss, it can be treated effectively using hearing aids. These highly …

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Start Your New Year with Better Hearing! 

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2023 is just about here! Aside from the revelry as the ball drops and the confetti settles, this is a great time of year to reflect on the last year and how you’d like this next one to go. This time of year, it seems there are so many reasons to gather to celebrate togetherness during the shortest and coldest …

child holding hearing aid

How do Hearing Aids Work?

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Do you find that it’s been increasingly harder to hear lately? Do you find you are having to ask people to repeat themselves more often than not? These are common signs which indicate you may be likely struggling with a hearing loss. Hearing loss is commonly associated as a condition which affects older adults; however, it can affect anyone of …

A Link between Hearing Loss & Secondhand Smoke

A Link between Hearing Loss & Secondhand Smoke

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Are you a smoker? You may be used to hearing information on the health risks of smoking, but still struggle to quit. Tobacco is an incredibly addictive substance and despite reasoning, your body just begins to rely on it. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains that to quit, “your brain has to get used to not having …

Hearing loss and cardiovascular disease

A Link between Hearing Loss & Cardiovascular Disease

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When a person has one health condition, population statistics can reveal that the person is more likely to have another health condition at the same time. This relationship is referred to in public health as a “comorbidity,” meaning that those who have one problem are more likely, on average, to have another problem, too. In some cases, the conditions are …