Starkey's story begins with Harold Starkey opening its first store in Minnesota in 1963. Since its foundation, the company has evolved into a global enterprise with over 500 employees and 100 worldwide markets. Starkey has a history of providing hearing aids to American presidents such as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Another cornerstone of Starkey's identity is a commitment to philanthropy that supports people worldwide who live with hearing loss. The Starkey Hearing Foundation had provided more than 1 million hearing aids to people in need worldwide since its inception in 1984.

Since its beginning, Starkey has pioneered innovative audio technology, including several world firsts:

  • In-the-ear hearing aid in 1971
  • Completely-in-canal hearing aid in 1992
  • Invisible-in-canal hearing aid in 2010
  • Healthable hearing aid in 2019



Starkey is proud of its rich 50-year history as a pioneering hearing aid producer. The company is continuously developing its product line to produce the discerning, convenient, and high-quality hearing aids.

Some of the notable technologies for Starkey include:

  • The Thrive platform

    This is the only multi-core twin-compressor and dual-radio system in the industry, and drives the Livio AI and Livio hearing aid models. It has been developed to handle the most sophisticated sound environments.

  • Artificial intelligence

    This technology enables the Thrive platform to simultaneously analyze and adapt to multiple environments and inputs to provide patients with a pure listening experience. The system is capable of environmental detection for seven different sound settings, including speech, speech in noise, music, machine noise, wind, noise, and quiet.

  • Transient Noise Reduction

    Transient noise reduction can handle even the noisiest conditions. Livio AI’s hearing aids have recently received the highest rating compared to premium devices from other manufacturers to reduce background noise in noisy listening environments.

  • Spatial Speech Enhancement

    This technology samples the environment up to 167 times per second. It analyzes the level, the situation, and the presence of speech regularly, optimizing amplification to provide the best audibility.

Latest Models

Livio Edge AI

Livio Edge AI combines the best in both worlds: leading sound quality and audio processing for harsh listening environments. The Edge Mode can bring the power of artificial intelligence to your finger by performing an AI-based acoustic environmental analysis instantly and adjusting accordingly.

It features a 2.4 GHz that helps users enjoy group settings and AI for everyone: Livio AI is now available in all technology levels.


Livio AI

Livio AI has broken barriers by using artificial intelligence to monitor body and brain activity, leading TIME Magazine to recognize it as one of the most innovative devices of 2019. Hearing Reality technology lowers the impact of noisy environments on speech understanding by 50% and significantly reduces hearing effort.

There is also a feature to translate languages in real-time, as well as the ability to stream content directly to your hearing aids from a mobile phone. Finally, it features the ability to detect falls in the user and send a request for assistance to a nominated loved one.

Starkey Picasso

Starkey Picasso hearing aids an extraordinarily discreet and truly invisible (IIC) hearing device that provides excellent auditory benefits for those who know this kind of equipment and are comfortable with it.

Starkey Picasso features include advanced guidance, program change indicators in plain English, ear-to-ear communication, reduction in noise, removal of feedback, music, TV, optional tinnitus therapy, and the ability to learn and adapt your environment, and listening preferences.

Starkey Picasso also benefits from compatibility with Surflink Mobile 2 technology to stream phone calls, media, and more from your smartphone.

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