New Years Resolution: Get Your Hearing Tested

New Years Resolution: Get Your Hearing Tested

Leanne E. Polhill, LHAS, BC-HIS, BA Hearing Health, Hearing Loss, Hearing Testing

Leanne E. Polhill, LHAS, BC-HIS, BA
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Start this New Year by prioritizing your wellness and getting your hearing tested! Hearing loss can happen to anyone and is one of the most common health concerns Americans are navigating today. Often times, challenges with hearing develops gradually so differences in your ability to hear can be subtle and therefore hard to completely realize.

Examining your hearing not only determines if you are experiencing any loss but also reveals the degree of impairment and the most effective treatment.  Early detection of hearing loss can mean greater ease into better hearing, enhancing your overall quality of life.

How do you know if you should get tested? What are the benefits of a hearing exam? What does it involve? These are common questions and fortunately, the process of hearing loss testing is noninvasive and informative!

Signs of Hearing Loss Include:

  • Difficulty following conversations, especially when there is background noise
  • Asking others to speak slowly and/or loudly
  • Having to turn up the volume on your TV, phone, headphones etc.
  • Ability to hear sounds during a conversation but not hearing all of the words
  • Needing others to repeat what they have said
  • Occasional or constant ringing in your ears
  • Ability to hear more clearly in one ear over the other

These symptoms may cause you to feel exhausted from working overtime to thoroughly hear. This can lead to less of a desire to engage socially, feelings of stress and anxiety, and avoiding noisy environments. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, getting tested and receiving treatment means living healthier and happier!

Benefits of Getting Your Hearing Tested & Treated:

  • Knowing your hearing health allows you to take action if needed.
  • Identifying and treating hearing loss early can prevent further health issues.
  • With the availability of so many treatment options, your ability to hear and understand can increase. You can hear the words and sounds you may have been struggling to hear before.
  • Increase your wellbeing by being able to hear better, regain confidence, and fully participating in conversations, and moving through social situations with greater ease.

These benefits can positively and deeply impact your life, which is why understanding your hearing health is so important!

What You Can Expect:

  1. Establishing your hearing health and medical history: There are many causes of hearing loss including medical conditions such as allergies, ear infections, and any head and/or ear injuries, which, can all contribute to impaired hearing. The hearing healthcare professional will discuss this with you in addition to the symptoms you experience.
  2. The Hearing Test: Hearing exams are non-invasive and typically include two parts that assess your ability to hear tones and speech. The exam occurs in a sound booth or quiet room, designed to keep out other noises. Your ear canal will be inspected for any damage or wax buildup. You will then be asked to wear headphones or earplugs connected to an audiometer, an instrument used to facilitate the test. You will be guided through sounds, played at different volumes and pitches. This portion of the exam will determine the quietest sounds you can hear.  Next, your ability to hear words (rather than tones) will be examined. The hearing specialist will play live or recorded speech at various volumes and ask you to repeat what you have heard.  This part of the hearing test will evaluate the quietest speech you can hear and understand.
  3. Your Results: The hearing health professional will review the results with you using a graph (called an audiogram) showing the softest sounds and speech you can hear at different volumes. You will learn the degree of impairment to your hearing and what sounds are the most challenging for you to hear. With this information, you will be able to discuss treatment options, which will depend on what type and degree of hearing loss you may have.

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Treatment is available for people with all types of hearing loss. Getting tested and identifying your hearing health early can allow you to be more present and engaged in all aspects of your life! Contact us at Encore Hearing today to schedule your hearing test.